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What situations do you need courage to face today, for God to use you?

Posted Nov 26, 2014

Courage is not the absence of fear; courage is fear that has said its prayers.What are we supposed to do in life when we are paralyzed with fear? How do we get courage when fear is keeping us from moving forward in life?Courage - the ab... Keep Reading

No more me, myself and I!

Posted Nov 18, 2014

We are in a partnership with a Living God who empowers, equips and encourages us along this journey called life. Your life is about loving and serving. Your life is not about you doing it all, you being in control, and you being large a... Keep Reading

What is burnout? Are you running out of gas?

Posted Nov 11, 2014

Burnout is a state of chronic stress that leads to: physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, there are physical, emotiona... Keep Reading

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Nov 23, 2014

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